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What is R.Lux?


Our Purpose

R.Lux started with an idea to uplift the community, through fairly priced used goods and providing opportunities for people to make a living, where they otherwise wouldn't have.An individual should be able to sustain their families and themselves no matter their race, place of birth, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or sex. 


Our Product

By taking used goods and breathing new life to them we prevent excessive waste and provide good product at a price people can afford. We refurbish, upcycle, and recycle goods. Whether it be furniture, electronics, or antiques one man's trash is another man's treasure. Want to help out? We take donations, as well as trade and purchase items as well.


Our Promise

To ensure that people have access to furniture, electronics, antiques, instruments, and more without breaking the bank. Luxury doesn't have to be unobtainable and we want to give the community a space where quality merchandise meets affordability.

Featured Products

Featured Products


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Rlux Tour /meal/Leafership


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A unique Tour of the small house in which Rlux Noe lives and runs the Lux enterprise. Followed by a meet and greet lunch with the team. Ending with a motivational speech that is designed to energize the team environment and the love for the customers we service. Great for new small to medium business.