Now Open for Business!

A Message From Our Founder

"TC Are You With Me?"

 At the very end of the second quarter of 2018 after producing some of the best business numbers I had produced with a large retailer; I found myself in an office being given the option to resign or be terminated. 

A few months pass. Each day putting out resume after resume spending hours filling out applications to only receive dear John letters telling me I didn’t get hired. So the night I was at my best friend/mentor’s house (we’ll call him TC for the sake of the story) we went for a walk at a local park. TC could tell that I needed some inspiration. No one knew I had an idea and just needed to talk it through. Close to the end of our walk I was telling TC how I wanted to form a business that broke all the rules. One that valued humanity over policy. One that puts high-end product in the hands of the everyone. One that gave the unemployable a chance for a career. As we continued to talk I went on and on about the concept, products, storefront, and Finally I stopped talking. TC took a pause and, in a calm, collected tone he said… “sounds like you just opened a business.” 

R.Lux and all R.Lux locations in the future are founded on the idea that everything to someone is beautiful and everything to someone has a need or purpose. The perspective that something or someone is worthy of a trash bin is an idea that is simply not accepted at R.Lux. Most people who are decluttering are getting rid of objects they deem broken or ugly. At R.Lux we take the broken and repair it. We take something that is ugly and make it beautiful. From our products to our employees R.Lux is committed to respecting all humanity from the product we create to the people that produce them. So when you shop from us you are not just buying a couch or repurposed antique. You are buying something selected to be beautiful and affordable. You are buying something made beautiful in the hope others witness that beauty as well. 

Thank you so much for supporting our business and our employees. 

With warmth and gratitude, 

Robert L. Wolfson